eXact iDip Smart Brew kit

2017. gada 15. februāris, 16:19:55

In the world of craft brewing, water is the most essential ingredient to making a quality tasting beer. The new Smart Brew™ Water Testing Kits are the perfect tool to properly begin the brewing process.

Pre-configured kit comes with exactly what’s needed to start testing. Packed in a rugged and durable plastic case with secure closing fasteners and padded compartment.

Kit includes:

eXact iDip® Photometer

Cleaning brush

Instruction manual

Rugged plastic case

25 tests of each:

pH (486639-II-25)

Total Alkalinity (486641-25)

Chloride (486757)

Calcium Hardness (486629-25)

Total Hardness High Range (486656-25)

Sulfate (486608-25)

Residual Alkalinity*

Magnesium Hardness*


* - These three results are calculated automatically and for free after the initial 6 tests have been preformed. The first meter designed for the craft brew market that directly calculates these values with no math required.

App is available free on the App Store or Google Play. Chloride, Calcium Hardness, Total Hardness and Sulfate are available as Premium Algorithms for a one time fee inside the app. An algorithm is required to perform a particular test. Calculated tests such as Residual Alkalinity, Magnesium Hardness and Sodium are free.